"Gaming across the whole spectrum"


Hello and welcome to Prismatic Gaming. A place where imagination, competitiveness, and an all-around good time can take place.
We have much to offer here a Prismatic and we are always developing new things for you, the player.

What do we offer?


We offer a lot when it comes to Minecraft. We believe in a Play-To-Win system. What this means for you is that If you do not have the money to donate, you won't be left behind or at a disadvantage against those who donate. All the items in the donation store you can get from just playing, or giving us a vote. Example of this would be ranks. We have a timed auto-rank system. Play for a month and move up a rank. We reward loyal players. 

We also listen to our players. If you have something you would like added. Be it a new server, game type, or even just an addon. We will look into it. 

Now onto what you came here for. Here are our current game modes. Keep in mind all of our maps are custom. We do not use other peoples maps.


One of the first things anyone sees when joining our servers. So It has to be good right? Don't you worry, it is. Lots to do while you wait for your friends or just want to see what we got before going to deep.

  • Cosmetics
  • Parkour
  • VIP areas
  • Jump pads
  • PVP


Our creative server is one of a kind. Many servers will not let you reach your full potential when build. They will block items, addons, or otherwise, restrict you. Here at Prismatic, we feel that the most important part of a creative server is freedom. With this being said we offer the following:

  • World Edit
  • Expanded Block Selection (All blocks unlocked, plus some different blocks that assist with building)
  • 75x75 Plots (up to 10 Plots, That's over 800x800 if you include the space between the plots)
  • Pets
  • Extra speed
  • No Anti-hack addon (No need in creative, This would only restrict your ability to build)
  • Build of The Months
    • A monthly contest that allows everyone to show off their skills and compete for prizes and a plot next to spawn.


Factions is one of our personal favorites. Lots of time and effort has gone into this to make it perfect for you. It has all the normal things you need for factions. It also has a little something extra to play.

  • Envoy 
    • Pretty much an Airdrop
  • Vote Crates
  • NPCs 
    • With shops
  • Boss Battles
  • Customized Essentials commands and chat
  • Dispenser Filler

Zombies (In Beta)

Currently, in our beta stage, this game mode is sure to hours of fun, by yourself, or with a team. While waiting on your team you can sit in the hub and play with our cosmetics, or try out our parkour. Some of the things you can look forward to on the Zombies server is,

  • Custom sounds
  • Custom texture packs
  • Guns
  • Teams
  • Perks
  • Custom Maps

Skyblock (In Early Alpha)

Brand new server with lots of different islands and custom maps. Check back later to see has been added.

Garry's Mod:

A fun sandbox based game that is kinda like Minecraft but a lot better graphics.


Darkrp is one of our specialties here at Prismatic. All of our staff members have played and managed a DarkRP server. With all of our experience you know this server will be the best. Something to do while playing:

  • Cars
  • 30+ jobs
  • Organizations
  • Drugs
  • VCmod
  • Plant Market
  • 50+ weapons (CW:2.0)
  • Custom Jobs


A customized game mode that fixes all the issues with the old PropHunt, and adds tons of new and request stuff. PropHunt doesn't have must you can do to it. But here is what we have added.

  • PointShop (For Cosmetics)
  • More Guns
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Map voting



The Team

The Owner:

Brandon Winfield, AKA Dartouious.

Ever since 2011, the owner of Prismatic Gaming has been building his resume. It all started with a Minecraft creative server, and a sub-par computer to say the least. From there he grew and learned the basics of how to be a staff member and the way to treat players. 

Now he has managed, co-owned, and owned some of the biggest servers know and has worked across many games and communities. Communities such as:

  1. MysticCraft (Minecraft, Ranked top 50 servers),
  2. Undead Servers (Garry's Mod, Currently rank within the top 10 StarwarsRP servers, top 100 overall Gmod communities),
  3. TF2Hats (TeamFortress2, Was ranked in top 5 TF2 communities)

Those are just a few of the more higher ranking communities he has worked with. Overall, he has owned and managed over 20 different servers and communities in his time. Not to mention working as a Customer Support Representative for Triangle.gs (A Free Minecraft server hosting company, home to over 50,000 servers) and Kickback.com. So you can be assured he does well with players and making them feel at home on our servers.

Outside of the virtual world, Brandon is in the United States Army, where he works around the globe conducting air defense operations. He entered the military in July of 2015. From then on he has been traveling around the world while still managing to keep a community running.

The Co-Owner:


Began Gamin in 2010 starting with an Xbox 360, had an early start at management With being one of 3 founders for a clan ROFL core gaming, a Gaming Community that survives today, along the years gaining experience in managing a clan and several game servers.

1. ROFL core gaming (clan)
2. Debonair Darkrp (moderator on the DarkRP server)
3. Vortex gaming darkRP (Went from mod to co-owner)
4. Undead Servers DarkRP
5.Prismatic Gaming (Community)

Public Relations:

Jacob, AKA MysticalPlayz (Goes by Mystic or Mystical)

In 2009, he got started in video games, his father, Greg, has played many games over the years and is more a less a gamer himself, Greg introduced him to his favorite game, World of Warcraft. From then all the way to 2014, he was addicted to the game, then learned there was a game called Minecraft, there on out he loved both games and played them ever since.

He has had experience with server development, and has managed a few servers of his own, and was also PR on a server that is now known as Tannik Gaming Setups. Which is now partnered with Prismatic Gaming. Over the years, he has had some trouble with some hackers, that have tried to get personal information and steal cash from bank accounts. Fortunately, the hacker has left him alone and now is gone.

As you can see, he has had a lot of experience dealing with social media, and danger, and knows how to handle it, this is why I can assure you that he is a trustworthy person and you can count on him to be able to help you with anything. He also admins the Prismatic Gaming Minecraft server.

The Garry's Mod Manager:

Andrew Mcnabb, AKA Rudedude527

In 2014 he was staff in a few servers,

  1. UBA (Uknown Bad Ass)
  2. Extreme Frost Gaming

He got his beginnings in UBA were he spent 6 months as a developer in training. Here, he got to learn the basics before the server was shut down.